Mixed Reality Art

The Metaverse Scholar’s Club isn’t only about sharing information and teaching classes, we also are a group of artists, programmers, and creators who like to use new technology to make mixed-reality and VR art.

Burning Man 2016 – Roko’s Basilica

We are currently raising money on Kickstarter to fund our most ambitious art installation yet: Roko’s Basilica. Inspired by Roko’s Basilisk, we bring The First Church of the Singularity to Black Rock City to preach the good word of The Basilisk.

A VR mockup of the 30ft dome on the playa.
A VR mockup of the 30ft dome on the playa displayed in one of the scenes in Music from the Metaverse.

The Basilica itself is a 30ft diamater dome, at the center of which is a mixed reality shrine where pilgrims can experience music, sermons, and more. The experience will be completed by beautiful live visuals covering the inside of the dome, and emanating through to the outside as well.

Music from the Metaverse: a VR music player/visualizer

Music from the Metaverse is a music player and visualizer for the Rift, Vive, and Desktop. It is a native VR app that let’s you sort, play, and experience your favorite music in immersive audio reactive environments. Great for parties, you can let people experience it in VR as well as display the visuals on a TV, PC, or projector.

An example scene from the player called Neuron.

An example scene from the player called Neuron.

It comes loaded with a selection of electronic music from indie producers and accepts microphone input, system input, your own music library, and Soundcloud. Pull microphone input in and visualize sound from the physical world live!