MSC VR Events and Classes

Since the core of our mission revolves around accelerating the spread of information, we offer classes from the Revolution Accelerator Space at 479 Jessie St. in San Francisco. Our classes cover everything from technology, to business, to art.



A Fireside Chat at the Intersection of Philosophy and VR

Join the Metaverse Scholars Club, partnering with AR/VR Women, at ...
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VR Bootcamp at SOSV

Designed for novices in the VR space, this bootcamp will ...
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Kickstarter Launch to Fund Roko’s Basilica

The name of our camp is Roko's Basilica. Inspired by ...
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VR103: VR and Entrepreneurship Part 2 – Advanced Techniques

Our very own James Blaha will be teaching a continuation of ...
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VR103: VR and Entrepreneurship Part 1 – From Founding to Funding to Launch

Our very own James Blaha will be speaking about what ...
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Breaking into VR for the Non-Technical

Jordan Braunstein is an East Coast native who came to ...
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Exploring VR outside gaming and surviving the first year of consumer VR

Hello fellow scholars of the Proto Metaverse! This month's event ...
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Reality Blending 101: Mixed-reality installations using 3D scanning and projection mapping

Workshop and demo for a 3D scan-to-projector mapping workflow. Topics ...
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Lets learn about Women in VR

Hello fellow scholars of the Proto Metaverse! Join us for ...
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An open forum on virtual reality and psychedelics

Welcome to another installment of the Metaverse Scholars Club! On ...
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Here is a complete list of the other classes we offer:

VR101:  A Crash Course on the Industry Landscape by Cris Miranda
VR102: Breaking Into the VR Industry as a Non-Technical Person by Jordan Braunstein
VR103: VR and Entrepreneurship Part 1: From Founding to Funding to Launch by James Blaha
VR201: VR and Entrepreneurship Part 2: From Founding to Funding to Launch by James Blaha
VR202: Getting Started With Unity 3D and VR by Manish Gupta & Cris Miranda
MR101: An Introduction to Mixed Reality by Eric Medine
MR102: Greenscreening for VR by Jon Oakes?
MR103: Mixed Reality Installations Using 3D Scanning and Projection Mapping by Eric Medine and Dara Bonakdar
MR104: 3D Scanning and Stitching by Dara Bonakdar
AR101: An Introduction to Augmented Reality by TBA