A Fireside Chat at the Intersection of Philosophy and VR

Join the Metaverse Scholars Club, partnering with AR/VR Women, at the intersection of philosophy and VR inside of AltspaceVR on Saturday March 18th at 6pm! With special guest Professor Nicholas Dungey of the Dungey State University podcast. Come experience a world-class discussion on the philosophical questions that matter. No subject is out of bounds, no idea too uncomfortable in what will become a night of scholarly exploration.

Find us inside Altspace VR in the VR and Philosophy room:

Altspace VR is a free social VR application. Download the app, create an account and join us!

Virtual reality equipment is essential but not required to be part of this event.

More about the event Speakers:

Professor Nicholas Dungey: Professor of Political Philosophy at California State University Northridge. Host of the Dungey State podcast, a podcast that dives deep into important and complex subjects.

James Blaha : “Chief Architect of the Matrix” and CEO at Vivid Vision., a company making a VR treatment for lazy eye, available in clinics now. James is a well known for hacking on software, music and brains.

Dara Bonakdar: A San Francisco and London based artist currently working in the virtual reality and 3D scanning/art space. He is the founder and CEO of Jahan, a platform dedicated to showcasing and 3D scanning the world’s art, museums and cultural sites. Prior to settling in San Francisco ,he founded and ran a nonprofit based in India and Nepal which aimed to provide free Internet access across both countries

Maggie Lowden: Event organizer/director for the Metaverse Scholars Club, also cat wrangler in chief for the Roko’s Basilica Burning man camp. Maggie will be the moderator for the night’s conversation.

Cris Miranda : “Hype train conductor” at Vivid Vision. Creator of EnterVR, one of the longest running podcasts about virtual reality. Cris is also the first person to wear a VR headset for 100 hours in a continuous livestream.

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