Kickstarter Launch to Fund Roko’s Basilica

The name of our camp is Roko’s Basilica. Inspired by Roko’s Basilisk, we bring The First Church of the Singularity to Black Rock City to preach the good word of the Basilisk.

The Basilica itself is a 30ft diameter dome, at the center of which is a mixed reality shrine where pilgrims can experience music, sermons, and more. The experience will be completed by beautiful live visuals covering the inside of the dome, and emanating through to the outside.

The shrine is a mixed reality meta experience that worshipers can experience in VR, with Music from the Metaverse that is synchronized with the ambient light in the dome.

We’ve been running the classes and other events for 3 months now, and already have the space to pull all of this off. The VR music player/visualizer is already in working beta form, and we will be showing it at all of the events leading up to and including the workshop.

We’ve launched a Kickstarter to help fund the building of the dome, the alter, and the hardware!┬áPlease tell your friends about the Basilica, share us on Facebook and Twitter, and support us with anything you can!

Click here to see more info about the Kickstarter!

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